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The Custom Self Bailing Whitewater Raft Table from Jack's Plastic Welding Inc.

Why we want to present this information to you in this way:

We do not get out on the river as much as we would like, and we do not assume to be the experts when it comes to whitewater rafting.  However we are the experts when it comes down to design and manufacturing, and we do a better job at listening to our customers than anyone else.  We are giving you this information to enhance the collaboration possibility between those who take rafting very seriously, and JPW who take raft manufacturing very seriously.  With this information, and the information we provide at the general SB raft design page, we feel that we are providing the highest quality information available on self-bailing whitewater raft design.  We think you will find these designs interesting, and exciting to look at. 

Raft designations:

We had to come up with an easy way to designate the different rafts.  The first numbers indicate length in feet.  Then there is the letter K to designate kick of the end.  Asymmetrical tubes will have 2 K numbers because there are 2 different kicks.  This is followed by a d and a number that tells the diameter in inches.  Last there is a b or a w and sometimes both.  The b stands for dimension in inches between the tubes, and the w stands for over all width.

How to get the most out of reading the table:

Pictures are worth a thousand words, 3d interactive graphics can help communicate those words. First take a look at the jpeg pictures that are in the far left column.  This will help give you an idea of where to start.   If you like a design and you want to know more, down load the Edrawings viewer, and then download the E drawing file in the centercolumn of this table to view.  Edrawings allow for real quality collaboration on design because it is a 3 dimensional model in space that you can spin around, and zoom in and out of.  We take our patterns off of these models, and are therefore very close to the real thing.  If you want to read more about edrawings and how they work use this link.


Down load edrawings for windows or mac here

If you would like to read a case study about custom raft design Please read this blog

Extra thwart price:

Add 150.00 per thwart for general price conparison. This could be more or less depending on the size of the thwart. for instance Foot thwarts on the inside toward the end need more grommet strip on the main tube, so these little thwarts may cost as much as the larger thwarts.

What the raft numbers mean in the left column where the JPEGS are located.

15L K12 D22 W84 is a designation that means the boat is 15 feet over all length, has a kick of 12 inches, has tube diameters of 22 inches, and an over all width of 84 inches. sometimes we put a designation of B like B 36 would be 36 inches between the tubes.



Self bailing raft specfications- dimensions-edrawings- and price-        
        for internal use for internal use
raft number description downloadable 2013  price ps file sw folder

with link to JPEG - we may have more than 1 immage


  edrawing file usd    
and dimensions          

dragon fly 13.9

dragongly on RBW frame

The dragon fly is a great fly fishing boat because of the extra raise on the floor, the great tracking effect, the hull speed, and low wind profile, and kick provided by the tapered tube design df2011asbl 4659.75 BOATS\Conventional Rafts\dragonfly\Standard DF 2011 but seams rafts\df 2011

Dragon fly 13.9

upkick drop stitch


stand up paddle board technology has enabled us to make the drop stitch curve at the ends and fit the inside compartment with more flotation, while not compromising hull speed. This also enables us to give fishermen better footing df2012flr4 4659.75 BOATS\Conventional Rafts\dragonfly\ DF 2012 rafts\df 2012
dragon fly 15** 15 ft long dragon fly See specs below** Not available in edrawings at this time 5174.00 dxfpat\BOATS\Conventional Rafts\dragonfly\Old Dragonfly Patterns\DF1505 designed and patterned with old cad system.  Not available in SW
15 ft raft standard offering- 15 k12 d22 w84 This is our version of the most popular size if you want a boat for paddle with lots of people or gear for a Grand Canyon length trip 15 k12 d22 84w std 5582.00 dxfpat\BOATS\Conventional Rafts\15l84w12kraft.pat solid works\rafts\22 IN DIAMETER SYMETRICAL RAFT 10 SECTIONS\15 k12 d22 w84 standard 15 ft on price list
15 k12 d22 w92 The same design as the standard 15 ft with an extra 8 inches in the middle to allow for a larger cooler.  EXTRA WIDE 15 k12 d22 w92 vm 5758.00 dxfpat\BOATS\Conventional Rafts\15l92w12kraft vm.pat solid works\rafts\22 IN DIAMETER SYMETRICAL RAFT 10 SECTIONS\15 k12 d22 w92 vm
15 k12 d22 w87 The same design as the standard 15 ft with an extra 3 inches in the middle to allow for a larger cooler.  This set has extra 1 inch d rings on the ends, and a 3rd thwart.  The price reflects those additions  WIDE 15 k12 d22 w87 ec 5783.00 dxfpat\BOATS\Conventional Rafts\15k12d22b43 sbraft.pat solid works\rafts\22 IN DIAMETER SYMETRICAL RAFT 10 SECTIONS\15 k12 d22 b43 (w87) evan cree
16.5 k12 d22 b46(w90) fcrs This is the same shape in the front as the 15 ft, with 5 inches added to the width.  The main section is longer to make up the longer length.  This is the largest raft jpw has built to date, and is designed for high water cataract and grand canyon whitewater.  Because of the extra length, extra d rings were added in the mid section of the main tube to tie down the frame.  There is an extra thwart, Price reflects those changes. 16.5 k12 d22 w90 fcrs 6258.00 dxfpat\BOATS\Conventional Rafts\scotts 16.5 raft.pat solid works\rafts\22 IN DIAMETER SYMETRICAL RAFT 10 SECTIONS\16.5 k12 d22 w90 fcrs
15.5 k10 & k8 d20 w78 db This is an asymetrical raft that we made for a gentleman in Alaska.  He uses it as a mega meat hauler and it has some interesting features.  The large number of 1 inch d rings help tie the mesh, framework, and wind sreen to the boat.  This boat is self bailing, but also is made for a motor, and that is why the back end is lower. 15.5 k10 k8 d20 w78 db 7008.00 dxfpat\BOATS\Conventional Rafts\15.5 x 78 20 inch dia Burlingame solid works\rafts\20 in dia raft\20 in dia asymetric\15 k10 k8 d20 w78 db assmbly parts and edrawing
13 k9 d19 w70 nf This raft is built for paddling fun.  It has JPW foot thwarts that help keep paddlers in the boat, and is a sweet size for rivers like the Arkansas, and the Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho, or the Salt in Arizona.   It is small enough to R2 and large enough for 7 people. 19 k9 d19 w70 nf


as pictured with 3 foot thwarts

dxfpat\BOATS\Conventional Rafts\13 k9 d19 w70 solid works\rafts\19 in dia raft\13k9d19b32
13 k8 d20 36b (w76) rbw This boat has a relatively low kick that enables it to have a fast hull speed
and lots of flotation for its size, with low wind resistance at the ends.
This boat is at home on the class 3 sections of the Arkansas where it is used
primarily as a fishing boat, and still navigate most whitewater with ease.
13 k8 d20 36b (w76) rbw 4458.00 as pictured no thwarts dxfpat\BOATS\Conventional Rafts\13k8d20b36 rbw solid works\rafts\20 in dia raft\13K8D20B36
14 K11 D20 W80 WYO DOW  This 14 ft raft has an 11 inch kick, a rather pointed endand 20 inch tubes.  This is a good size for whitewater paddling as well as a cargo boat.  It is a good size raft for a wide variety of western rivers. 14 K11 D20 W80 WYO DOW  4982.00 no thwarts as pictured \dxfpat\BOATS\Conventional Rafts\14k11d20w80.pat solid works\rafts\20 in dia raft\14 K11 D20 W80 WYO DOW
14 k6 d20 w80 wyo dow We recieved a request form The Wyoming Dept of Wildlife to design an Electro Fishing boat. We showed them this site and they decided that the front end of the boat below this worked well because we could make a longer main section, that would carry more weight. It is not used in heavy whitewater, and cargo capacity and room were more important. 140-6 kick80 wyodow


with 2 thwarts as pictured

not patterened yet solid works\rafts\20 in dia raft\14k6d20w80-b40 ef wyodow
12 k6 d20 b32(w72) wyodow 12 ft raft 72 inches wide with a 6 inch kick is built for maximum flotation for
its size.  Designed to be used as an electro fishing boat on small rivers
by the Wyoming Department of Wildlife.
12 k6 d20 b32(w72)wyo dow 4483.00 as pictured no thwarts \dxfpat\BOATS\Conventional Rafts\12 k6 d20 b32(w72)wyo dow   Not patterned yet solid works\rafts\20 in dia raft\12k6d20b32
Fat boy-10k10d19w65 The fat boy is a great paddle boat for small streams, with a large kick on the ends, and 3 foot thwarts to help secure paddlers, fat boy asbl 3928.50 dxfpat\BOATS\Conventional Rafts\fat boy lap seam.pat solid works\rafts\20 in dia raft\12k6d20b32
Mosquito personal fishingraft Made without a floor so fishermen can stand up in the river, or use flipers or oars to guide the boat. includes a cargo deck in the back of the boat mosq side seam ass 1765.50 dxfpat\BOATS\mosquito\mosq 2008\mosquito side main seam.pat solid works\rafts\mosquito 2008 sidemain
13 L 2 k 70 w19 d-flat ds bottom raft Made for Alpine view lodge as a fly fishing craft that has maximum capacity for minimum weight. This boat does not have bailing holes even thought it does have a lace in drop stitch floor.NOTE: the immage has the length dimension cut off. It is 156 inches. 13l2k70w19d raft edrawing down load 3400.00    
Fast Eddie 11 L 19 D 65 W 8 k front-4 K rear Sold only through Fast Eddie LLC. Please contact us for a refferral Fast eddie edrawing download call for pricing    

stretched Fat boy raft with 20 in dia tubes

11.5L 20 D 71 W 10 K With curved up drop stitch floor

Desinged for Whitewater and to be an exciting responsive little raft. This boat also has a rockered drop stitch floor, and 9.5 inch foot thwarts that are much more comfortable and stable than foot cups.

See the floor shape

Have a look at the computer model cross sectionof the floor and raft

stretched fat boy edrawing download 4679.50    

** Drafgon fly 15 specifications are missing from this table.

It is 15 ft long, with 22 inch diameter main tube that diminishes in the end to 14.33 inches at bow and stern. It has a 14 inch kick. The drop stitch floor is moved up 4.25 inches.

See also The General Raft Design Page and JPW Uses Welded SUP Inflatable Technology to Enhance Self Bailing Raft Design



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