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Jacks or Better….. News from the wild cards at JPW –

Highlights of 2011 thru april 27, 2013


Not necessarily in chronological order

Design collaboration at JPW -A general Idea of how it works

6 Inch Thick Inflatable Stand UP Paddle Board Now available from JPW.

Verticle sluice gate project uses water and air to seal the side of heavy gates

White lightning and Animas Amazons on the piedra 2013

SUP Technology is Used to Make Better Self Bailing Whitewater Rafts

Read about how we have been able to use what we have learned making Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards to make better whitewater raft floors.

New Self bailing white water an fly fishing rafts for spring of 2013

The fly fishing boat has a Drop stitch floor, but does not have bail holes. Fast Eddie is a new Dealer in California, and We have a new stretched fat boy stretched to 11.5 ft long and 71 inches wide.

Simple bag desing helps protect sensitive electronic data to monitor cliamate change conditions

The Currents Film Is a film that we have sponsored about water issues in the San Juan River. A huge focus of this story is a 5 week long trip down the river and a 10,000 ft elevation drop from the top of wood mt to Page Az. 13,700 to 3, 700. The expedition used our rafts and catarafts, and a solar powered boat that did the first traverse of lake powell.

See a video trailer

Read more about the part of the trip with the solar powered boat by Jack Kloepfer

Go to the Currents film web site to get more information about release times.

Down the Colorado Exp takes the solar powered cataraft from Hite to Page across lake powell

We could not stop with just one traverse of lake powell, the san juan arm, even though it has a waterfall, is still only 92 miles. That is why we lent the solar boat to the Down the Colorado floks to try out. This time the tubes were 28 inch in diameter, and 2.5 feet longer. There was one extra solar pannel too.

Jacks from all over love their paco pads! Katie Jack is one of them....... From the snow covered peaks of the rockies to poolside in sunny Southern Cal.

Paco Pads now have corner reinforcements standard. They come in some great new wild colors too, like lime green, and hot pink.

Remember that our pads are built in the USA since 1983 with foam certified to be manufactured without CFC (chlorofluorocarbons aka Freon) Can other Chinese pad manufacturers make the same claim?

Climbing Wall pads: The climbing cave pads are somewhere around 8 years old. I Think it is about time I introduce them.

JPW Iflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards: are the only paddle boards that have totally welded air holding construction.  Rest assured that your paddle board will not come apart in 6 years because of glue deterioration.  Read more about the evolution of the board and where we are at with the design. We have finalized the design and fabrication. Please have a read about why you should consider purchasing our SUP over the glued together variety.

JPW repairs SUP boards with welding technology to make them better than ever.

New web site about care and maintenance from the boats perspective:  Those of you dealers who rent boats will love this idea.  It really puts it into perspective.  Have all your customers read this, or down load it and print it out. 

Inflatable featrues:  making geometry from inflatable structures for kite boarding, wake boarding. See more at the flight deck factory web site. 

Mexico water park ride reorder:  We just finished up our second order for a water park in Mexico City.  This time we asked our customer what we could do to make it stronger, and so we reinforced the grommet strips, and the handles.

Mexico rescue shelter:  This project  is currently in production for the Mexican Government equivalent of FEMA.  This is a tent structure that rests on a trailer and is useable even if there is no dry ground.  For more information about this tent, and other decon and Oil field tents we have made, please go to the Inflatable tent section in the photo gallery.

Anderson pontoons gets the highest rating of any pontoon boat in western europe. These tubes are made right here in Aztec NM usa. Have a look at a very cool video of this company in Denmark.

JPW rope ascender floats help fight piracy on the high seas.  This flotation device allows a heavy item to be carried by navy seals and their counterparts in other countries.  The device that the float supports, is a rope ascender with a high gear ratio that can help the good guys board pirate ships and take them over.  

Here are some very cool web sites that you may want to see if you are thinking of purchasing a Culebra Frameless Cataraft, or a Self Bailing whitewater raft.

The Culebra Specification Table- has specifications in Jpeg immages in one column, and Edrawing files in another column.  See the latest stretched culebra design with a blunt nose used as a fly in boat along with short landing and takeoff aircraft.

The Self Bailing Raft Specification Table- has specifications in Jpeg immages in one column, and Edrawing files in another column.  We also have rafts available in a lot more colors of 32 oz material.  Red yellow green, OD green, and grey,

instructions on how to use edrawings are also included in these pages

What are Edrawings? read more here

Patient simulator Blood bags: We a now building a blood bladder bag for patient simulators.  This brings our total component number to 3 first we started with the baby lungs, then we started building adult lungs, now we have a simulated blood resavoir for when arterial bleeding is an issue.  Have a look at the meti man that we build body parts for.

NASA-sponsored study being conducted at the University of Houston (Video) Is a little thing, that may save a lot of astronauts some long term medical problems. It is simply a bladder that puts pressure on the soles of the feet to mimic gravity and convince the brain to keep muscle mass on a long term space flight. This may help bed ridden patients keep muscle mass also. Some simple Ideas are real game changers. We hope that this is one of them.

Other NASA projects. The NASA folks have let us put this sticker on the door of our shop that shows our participation in the NASSA commercial crew program that is currently being developed. That is all we can say right now, because we have a non discosure agreement with our prime contractor.

Drill pipe drip pan: At 350.00 per barrel, drill mud is expensive, so when the pipes are leaking all over the deck of a drill rig that can be a problem for cleanup, safety, and savings.


Flexible water tanks: The first one we made. It worked real well when I needed to get some water to the guys at clay hills for the currents film. We sent this one down to Panama to the floating Doctors as a backup for the main water tank that we built in November. This tank slips into the cavity provided by the old leaky fiberglass tank. This one is made of PVC coated potable water fabric, and is shown being air tested here. This immage will give some perspecitive. It is a 900 galon tank.

Double wide door seal: This device is used out in the oil field to tie 2 separate mobile homes together.  The air chamber forms a tight seal between them and allows a doorway to walk through.

Paddle floats: We also make paddle floats our of light weight urethane coated nylon.

10 X 10 spill containment: This containment floats on top of the water under a bridge that is being repainted. It is a secondary containment to catch lead based paint chips that are being blasted off the bridge by high pressure washers. Just another Idea of how an inflatable can help keep the environment from having to absorb more toxins

THe last half of 2011

Jack’s Yacks are back. We made a number of different variations of IK design, and the best features of all these designs come together in these boats, including drop stitch inflatable floors that are removable so you can easily clean them out and repair them . At JPW we believe in expedition use, so we included a grommet strip that runs the length of the main section so that the back rest thwart, or gear load can be tied down easily in many locations.

With large catarafts, It is not just about high water, we have built large cats that are used for gold dredging off the coast of Alaska near the Yukon Delta, and as motor rigs for the AK Dept. of Wildlife. Airboats West is a company that uses our pontoons on their air boats. This is the first one, and it has been being tested for the past year in a variety of conditions. Please have a look at AIRBOATS WEST web site. It looks rather exciting. and it is the largest HP motor we have ever had on one of our cats. 425 HP.

In January we fabricated pontoons, that serve as shock absorbers for cargo on sleds that travel across Greenland, 1500 miles from Thule southeast to the summit ( a giant dome of snow ), at 10,000 ft. in elevation.

A new version of the Rescue Culebra goes to Clear Creek rafting just in time for high water. It includes a flotation bar at each end that is held up by a bungee cord so the mesh rescue deck does not scoop water.  See the latest version of the stretched culebra used with short take off and landing aircraft.

We have added another RF welder. This addition has increased our production capacity, and decreased the back log of production when one RF welder could not keep up with demand.

Culvert plugs can range from 8 inch pipe plugs to 14 ft. in diameter. We even made some arches 23 ft. high for a diamond mine in Canada.

The Eco Auger is in the test phase. This amazing device uses the energy of moving water to generate electricity without the use of dams, and it does not chop up fish.

This year a huge emphasis is on environmental products. We are on the 15th revision of the inflatable compost tube system. We are selling more self-inflating and foam sided spill containment systems for the oil and gas industry. We build custom fish finders and inflatable Weir fence pontoons to help to help save endangered fish species. We supply large cat tubes that are used as electro fishing boats for Smith Root. There are many agencies that use cutthroat variations for fish studies, hydrology studies, and conservation officer patrols on rivers in the west. The University of wyoming uses Tubes by JPW, and a frame and plastic grid floor system developed by Chip Rawlins, Author, River Runner of Outstanding nerve, and creator of outrageously good systems to analyze river qualities. The science gear included an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (measures depth, current speed, and current direction), a turbidity sensor (water clarity), an echo sounder (depth and GPS location) and a spectrometer (color and reflectance of the water). These devices were linked by radio to a GPS earth station on a summit above the river. This system packs an extreme amount of data collection into one small package.

This summer we built a couple of difficult air structures for Elumanati. This company uses inflatable structures to make portable theater systems to use for presentations. These Inflatable theater structures have some of the most difficult design issues we have come across. We are pleased to be doing this again, and to have better software to design it with. Have a look at our structure. The company we sub contracted to is named Landmark Creations. They make some incredible sewn inflatable structures. However they wanted more permanent structures that did not require a blower, and could be inflated for many days. This one is a structure for fire fighters, and rescue personell to rest in and get out of the rain or the heat. Note I am sitting in the middle of a 165 inch span.

The best news is that product demand is up, and we are still struggling to keep up with the orders flowing in. So we highly encourage everyone to preseason order. Not only do you get great margins, we have a generous cancellation policy. We build and ship orders based on when the order was received, not how large it is.

We make the best waterproof mattresses, dry bags, and whitewater inflatables in the world? Our products are built to last and then some!

Buying River gear does not have to be a gamble when you go with the team that holds all the cards. Built with pride (like no one else can) in the good old USA!



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