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Culebra model specifications

This table has specifications of each model as an image with dimensions and descriptions in the left column, to the right of that is a description of how the boat is used in most cases. The next column has a link to a down load able e drawing file. The next column is the 2012 price, then there are 2 columns for internal use at JPW so we can find the appropriate file if we need to modify it.

Edrawings files can only be used with an edrawing viewer that is free for download through Solid Works Design Software.

Download the windows version here

download the mac version here

Read more about edrawings here.

We highly encourage you to look at edrawings if you are making modifications to an existing design. they are easy to use, and are the absolutely best way to collaborate on design with JPW.

Read more about the history of culebra design evolution here

Read more about how the foot thwarts work on the culebra models here.

culebra model specifications edrawings and prices
for internal use
culebra model description edrawing file 2014  price ps file sw folder
with link to JPEG 
and dimensions

2 man standard culebra from price list (image

shows optional cargo sling also)


NRS frame parts and prices for the standard 2 man culebra


The two man culebra is our most popular model of culebra.   It can be used with oars, but is usually paddled by 2 people.  This boat and all culebra models are totally break down, but this model only weighs 52 lbs (58 lbs with optional cargo slings).  These boats have been on waters all over the western hemisphere from Alaska to the Amazon, to New England and the Southeast USA. 2 man standard with optional cargo sling 2233.50 dxfpat\BOATS\Culebra\Standard 2 man Culebra Cargo.pat solid works\culebra\culebra std 2 man and frame
2 man optional cargo3sling For use with 2 man standard assemblies see above edrawing 244 attached to boat in standard PS file
2 man with simple NRS row frame and Oar geometry For the use of 1 person and a total of people and gear at 430 lbs. You will see the surface of the water in the immage 2 man with 1 person row frame and oar geometry call NRS after seeing this site  
rescue culebra specs The Rescue Culebra is a stretched version of the standard 2 person.  It is stretched 2 feet, and has a stretched mesh sling also.  The difference between this boat and the stretched culebra with stretched cargo is the amount of handles and D ring patches.  This Rescue Culebra has a bungee corded and padded PVC pipe that is pulled down by a swimmer who can then climb in the boat and self rescue.  It has been tested on the most difficult commercial stretches of whitewater in Colorado. Clear creek rescue culebra\ccwamajor asbl new bungie tube 2903.50 dxfpat\BOATS\Culebra\Culebra Rescue\cc wa  rescue  culebra.pat solid works\culebra\Clear creek rescue culebra

stretched culebra with stretched cargo deck

and blunt ends

We took the stretched culebra concept, and the blunted end concept to make a 2 person Culebra that holds more cargo, and have as much capacity with a little less cost because we do not use as many handles and D rings.  A frame can be used on either rescue or stretched culebras.  Frames can be tied to the inside grommet strips without the need for outside d rings.  The PVC tube does not have a bungee in it, but has a cam strap instead.  This cargo system is not designed for rescue.  This boat was chosen by one of our customers as the best boat to transport in his short take off and landing aircraft.  At less than 70 lbs, It has the highest cargo capacity and the broadest range of use coupled with the lightest weight. BLUNT stretch culebra and cargo 2894.00 dxfpat\BOATS\Culebra\stretch culebra\Standard stretched 24Culebra blunt end.pat solid works\culebra\2 MAN STRETCH CULEB STRETCH CARGO BLUNT NOSE  AND HANDLES

Stretched Culebra with Standard ends. 34 in wide cockpit

includes extra 2 inch d rings and extra handles. (handles

removed from one crosstube and used on one end)

The customer designed this boat to be used with a frame most of the time. That is the reason for the extra d rings on the side. It is wider to permit more cargo, and stability. Because these cats can use a less complicated frame, this boat should be easy to transport. It will still be able to be paddled without using a frame.

Ask Jack if you really need the D rings on the outside or if they are an inconvienience for paddlers.

stretch culebra 13 ftwith 34 in between tubes cargo sling extra d rings and handles 3041.50 Not patterned yet solid works\culebra\2 man stretched and standard cargo sling 34 in wide floor
Culebra grande specifications This culebra model is the logical upgrade from the stretch culebra models.  We have had lots of fun with this size boat.  Great for 2 to 5 paddlers, and for 2 person self support to rowing self support.  It is great all around boat that is comfortable in big and small water. culebra grande standard on price list 2012 3817.50 dxfpat\BOATS\Culebra\culebra grande.pat solid works\culebra\culebra grande
Outfitter Culebra specs Outfitter culebra has blunted cones on both ends to give the maximum amount of length for the sections of fabric that are used.  It is the same width and nearly the same length as a culebra grande, but it has a longer water line, and more capacity.  It can take up to 7 paddlers. Std outfitter culebra 4624.00 dxfpat\BOATS\Culebra\Standard Outfitter Culebra blunt end.pat solid works\culebra\outfitter culebra std
Culebra Grande-Outfitter Hybred specs The hybrid has pointed cones on one end, and blunted cones on the other.  It has a slightly smaller cargo area, water line and cargo capacity. culebra grande=outfitter hybrid 4624.00 dxfpat\BOATS\Culebra\out-grande-hybred.pat solid works\culebra\culebra grande-outfitter
motorized rescue culebra This model Is used on rivers in the Northwest to rescue people in a multitude of situations.  It has a drop down drop stitch pannel that can be operated by one rescue person while the other is operating the motor.   outfitter rescue culebra king cnty we need to check on frame prices if you are interested in this boat. dxfpat\BOATS\Culebra\Culebra Rescue\outfitter rescue culebra king county sherrif.pat solid works\culebra\outfitter culebra rescue\king county rescue




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