I regret that I do not have this sitting on the back of a tractor trailer rig.  However that is where it would ride if it was not an outdated...

Dry bags are classified as stow bags – where the closure is made by rolling it down and attaching it to itself to make a...

JPW Rope Ascender Floats help fight piracy on the high seas.  This flotation device allows a heavy item to be carried by Navy Seals and their...

Please have a look at this web page for a discussion on culvert plug design

There is a marvelous solvent that is called THF. It is the major component in PVC pipe cement. This solvent will melt PVC and Urethane. You can use...

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Clifton Adhesive UR1087 - Quart

Guitar bag

Paco Pad - Full

Paco Pad - Silverback

Paco Pad - Super

Outfitter Stow

Round Bottom Outfitter - LG

Round Bottom Outfitter - Med

Paco Pad - Guide

Paco Pad - Paco Grande