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JPW raft model prices

Use this price list to help determine if any of these rafts designed with the help of our customers may be right for you.  If you need to add or subtract features,  please go to this accessory web page.  Thwart tubes will have to be quoted individually by us because we do not have a set price on those.   

name **
general specs
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Dragon fly models

Dragon fly 13 ft 9 in
13.9 ft 64 in wide, 19 in Dia tubestapered to 14 in at the end, 10 -2 inch d rings, 4 -1 inch d rings, 7 chambers and rockered drop stitch floor
fly fishing
       $     4,659.75
Dragonfly 13 ft
Same as dragon fly 9 inches shorter
fly fishing
not availale
       $     4,193.78
Dragonfly 15 ft model
15 ft long 22 inch diameter main tube-diminishes to 14.33 at the end. 
fly fishing
not available
       $     5,174.00

Hunting and fishing custom models

15.5k10/k8d20w78  Hunting Boat
Asymetrical raft
for hauling cargo and hunting in Alaska
       $     7,008.00
13k2w70 low water transport
3 chambers no thwarts only 2 handles
made to float fishing customers down class 2 river for fishing in shallow river channels
       $     3,400.00

10 ft models

10k10d19w65 -fat boy
8 chambers,5 -2 inch d rings 2 handles, 3 -9 inch foot thwarts, curved drop stitch floor avaiable
Sporty little paddle boat for 2 to 5 people
       $     3,928.50

11.5 ft models

11.510k20d71w fat boy style 
stretched and widened fat boy with 20 inchtubes, includes a rockered drop stitch floor
For customers who love the fat boy, but need a little more versatility
       $     4,679.50

12 ft models

5 chambers, 14 -2 in d rings 6 handles, no thwarts 
designed for smaller rivers and low water electo fishing 
       $     4,483.00

13 ft models

13k9d19w70  Paddle boat
 8 chambers, 8 -2 in d rings, 2 -I inch d rings, 3 foot thwarts 9 in dia,Curved Drop stitch floor available  
Paddle boat for lower water.  Used in down river race competitions
       $     4,808.00
13k8d20w76 fly fishing and class 4
 14- 2 inch d rings and 4 handles,5 chambers, no thwarts, curved drop stitch floor available
Class 4 whitewater with a emphasis on fishing with a customized fishing frame set up, thwarts can be added
       $     4,458.00

14 ft models

14k11d20w80  multi purpose 14 ft
14 -2 in d rings, 6 handles, no thwarts,5 chambers, curved Drop stitch floor available
Great cargo boat for a variety of western rivers, add foot thwarts and this becomes a large paddle craft.  A good bat for many uses
       $     4,982.00
7 chambers, 2 cross thwarts, 14-2 inch d rings, 6 handles,with drop stitch floor
designed for low water electo fishing 
       $     4,958.00

15 ft models

15 ft Self bailer std
15 long 12 in kick 22 in dia tubes 84 in wide,7 chambers, 14 2 inch d rings, curved Drop stitch floor available
multi day rafting and cargo
       $     5,582.00
15k12d22w92  extra wide 15 sb
same as 15 ft 8 in wider
multi day rafting and cargo
       $     5,758.00
15k12d22w87  wide 15 SB
same as 15 ft 3 inches wider with 3 thwarts and 2 extra 1 inch d rings
multi day rafting and cargo
       $     5,783.00

16.5 ft models

16.5k12d22w90  16.5 long SB
7 chambers, 18- 2 inch d rings, 4 handles, 3 removable or adjustable thwart tubes, curved Drop stitch floor available
multi day rafting and cargo & big water boating
       $     6,258.00

Other models distrubuted by other dealers only

Fast eddie 11 ft
Please note that the prices on these models are as described in the immage.  If you wish to add or subtract options go to this accessory web page.   
Cross thwarts vary in price because of attachment points and size, and can be quoted as part of a design change individually.
**The name tells a lot about the boat.  For instance:  A 14k6d20w80 means 14 ft long- 6 inch kick on end- 20 in diameter tubes- 80 inches wide




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