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Get a Real Paco Pad "Silverback"

Hello Jack, and Laurette

The silverback paco arrived today

There is no comparision between the Mariva silverback pad and your silverback pad.

Damn, I wish I had gotten what I thought I was getting three years ago when I bought my original silverback. I tested a "silverback" one evening for a few minutes on a Yampa trip and all the guy told me was its a silverback. Later I was in boise at Cascade Outfitters, saw the "silverback" and thought it was like the obvious Jacks version I had tested for maybe ten minutes on the Yampa. I did not know there were two silverback versions out there. I am pissed about all those uncomfortable nites on that silverback pad that is not really a silverback pad

The Paco is way heavier and a ton more comfortable. I will put up with the weight and bulk for the comfort. I may one of these days order a two inch pad tho when I need compactness. I just laid the silverback out on the garage floor and let it air up by itself, no extra puffs on my part.

It was excellent comfort on my side and back and I just used the Maravia last night and woke up several time when I rolled on my side. I give the Maravia about ten extra puffs and all the air does is balloon out the foot end, the extra air does zero for comfort.

I gave the Maravia away today, now having second thoughts about that, wish I had just thrown the thing in the dump. Maybe it will be better than nothing though.

Today I also got your extra large outfitter dry bag from 4 Corners. Man, this thing is big. The good part is I can now pack all my cylinderical stuff on the end and roll down the bag. I have a Bill's Bag and have to stack stuff on top of stuff and getting things out is a pain in the butt.

When my Aire Leopard tubes go south, I will give you a call for your version. Unfortunately did not know about your products when I picked up the Aire cataraft from the Boise Factory.

Thanks for making high quality river gear.

Dave Reid

Jack's Note
A few years ago, we sold our Silverback Paco Pads to Cascade Outfitters. They were the first ones to order them, and so they requested the name. When they started to make their own pads, they decided to use the name Silverback for all of their pads. So be aware not all Silverback Pads are the same BE SURE THAT YOU ARE GETTING A REAL SILVERBACK PACO PAD FROM JACK'S PLASTIC WELDING. The difference in comfort is worth the difference in price.


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