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Outfitter Culebra

Outfitter Culebra Model for 2007
This picture shows the 2007 version of the Outfitter Culebra. The Outfitter Culebra 07 is the slightly shorter than the 2006 model. It has a new curve tube and blunt nose combination on both ends. This allows the boat to travel the same in both directions, and this is something that our customers wanted to do. There is just slightly less flotation, and the cockpit area is only about 3 inches shorter. This is a cataraft that is every bit as versatile as a self bailing raft. It is a blow and go cataraft that can be used as a paddle boat, or a cargo raft. The 2007 model weighs right at 100 lbs, has 4 main chambers, counting the cross tubes, and 3 foot thwart chambers. The width is 75 inches over all; length is right at 14 feet 3 inches. There is a 42 oz double bottom layer of material standard, and 8 D ring tie downs as well as 8 self rescue handles. All seams are taped. All D rings and grommet strips are welded in place. The placement of the handles and D rings is a result of 4 years of testing on the Culebra Grande. For the performance of a Cat, and the convenience of a self bailer, choose a Culebra.

Outfitter Culebra Stablity Challenged by Skull Rapid
Four paddlers challenge Skull rapid in Westwater canyon on the Colorado. The boat gets sideways in the hole, and there is a swimer. In this sequence it shows the stability of the Outfitter Culebra and how important it is to hit is straight and paddle like hell if you can.

See the sequence:
In the hole a bit cooked
Going sideways
Swimmer rescue
Courtesy of Carbon County Recreation

Outfitter Rescue Culebra
There are a number of unique features with this boat. First it is a cataraft, and that means that the learning curve for whitewater is short. This is because catarafts let the majority of the waters force through between the tubes. Secondly this is a frameless cataraft, and that means it is a blow and go unit. There is no rig time that is associated with catarafts. Third is the versatility of this craft. It can be a cargo, a passenger, or a rescue craft.

Looking at this picture one sees the relative positions of the parts. There is a fabric floor that goes more than half way up the middle. On the edge of the fabric floor there is an inflatable “foot thwart” for stability and to give paddlers a place to lock in their feet if necessary. (More foot thwarts can be added if necessary. The standard Outfitter culebra has 3.) There is a drop stitch floor with handles in the middle that is suspended above the water while the craft is in the whitewater position, (including low head dam rescue) and is easily lowered to provide a spot where a victim can self rescue, or it can be used as a dive platform. Note that there are d rings on the inside of the front and back that point toward the end. This allows the boat to be lowered easily to the water off of a bridge abutment. This craft can be customized to fit individual rescue needs. If you are interested in seeing more detail, the ability to zoom in out, and rotate this model, please go to this site, and read about edrawings, then email me and I will send you an edrawing file of the latest versions of this craft.

Look at the actual boat from the front toward the drop stitch floor while it is suspended.
Look at the top of the boat with the drop stitch floor up suspended.
Look at the drop stitch floor lowered for a rescue.
Look at rescue training in action photo 1, photo 2, photo 3.


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