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Motorized Catarafts

36 inch diameter cat tubes with 425 HP air boat motor

Airboats West is a company that uses our pontoons on their air boats. This is the first one, and it has been being tested for the past year in a variety of conditions. Please have a look at AIRBOATS WEST web site. It looks rather exciting. and it is the largest HP motor we have ever had on one of our cats. 425 HP.


Inflatable Motorized Cataraft, Alaska Style
Dave Jones has us make these tubes for his Kodiak Bear Cat style inflatable run about. Note in this picture that there is a splash gaurd over the floor frame member and tubes. There is also a splash shield in the front of the frame. This makes this boat very dry for a motorized cat. With only a 30 hp motor, it can get up on plane. Take a look at the boat under power.

Here is what Dave Jones has to say about it.

Hi Jack,
Splashing under power has been a problem is several other of my boats but the front spray guard and the splash flaps performed great!

I'm working on a "Speed Kit". An aluminum faring that will lift the stern under power and clean up the wake so there will be less spray back there. I have used them on other boats and they work great.

If you like this boat contact Dave Jones at Kodiak Bear Cats ayakulik@gci.net

Motorized 36 inch Diameter pontoon Raft
United Christian Youth Camp purchased these pontoons from us, and they operate an outfitted experience for kids on the lower Grand Canyon below Diamond Creek. These tubes are 36 inch in diameter, and are 22 ft long. They are much lighter than the old Neopreme side tubes that are in common use in the Grand Canyon. Because they are made with polyester base fabric, they are stiff and respond well with a motor. Have a closer look at their motorized snout rig, with 22 ft long tubes that are 36 inches in diameter.

Learn more about United Christian Youth Camp.

The smallest motorized Cataraft yet- In Denmark

Follow this link to see what our customer Lars Anderson is doing with small fishing pontoons. -Anderson Pontoons in Denmark.

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