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Grand Daddy Cats

Bax Cat - A Cargo Hauling Machine
The Bax Cat is the BrainChild of Dan Cox. Dan likes to run boats on big rivers like the Columbia. He uses this boat as a sea kayak support vehicle. He has rigged this boat up to haul a lot of gear. The main difference between this boat, and the Grand Daddy cat is the rounded cone ends that have D rings on them. It also has 3 compartments per tube. Contact Dan Cox at Andy and Bax if you are interested in this boat. Andy and Bax is located in Downtown Portland Or. (503) 234-7538

Grand Daddy Cat 25 Loaded on the Upper Animas Class 4+
This boat is a big boat for this stretch of river. Still there are some outfitters who will use this size of boat on the Upper Animas when the water is high. It was difficult to find an eddy small enough to park this boat in. If I would have had a passenger I could have pulled over much easier. This photo shows this long boat bridging a hole that caused the paddlers on the big brother (4 1/2 ft shorter) some difficulty. In other words, the longer the boat, the easier it is to punch through the hole, and the harder it is to find an eddy. We thought that this photo may help potential customers make an informed choice.

An Ark-Garn Christiensen's Grand Daddy 28
Garn Christiensen built this boat as a river expedition cataraft. It has plenty of cargo room. There are 4 plastic decks on the front of the boat. They run lengthwise. The middle two can be removed and all kinds of items are stored below deck. The deck is where he sleeps. Notice the extra large bimini top. This is for extreme shading up in the middle of the day. I chose this angle because it shows a beefy transom that could take a substantial motor. This is an awesome large river rig. Perfect for rivers like the Colorado, the Green, the Sacramento, and the Columbia. This is just another example of how cats can provide the creature comforts of a houseboat in a more compact and storable style

Here is what garn said in his email when he sent me this picture.
"I have finished the boat I bought the 19'6" tubes for and am considering building another. I intend to rent these or sell them as ready to row rafts for sun sensitive boaters. This boat will also be used for scuba diving and has an outboard motor mount."

If you would like to rent this, write to Garn Christiensen

Our Boat Specification Table has pictures and drawings with dimensioned part locations. Cataraft Draft Vs Load will tell you how much weight you can expect to put on a set of tubes and how deep in the water it will sink. Customized tube styles and prices can be seen by following this link. If you do not see what you want or can use in the standard product list, This link will give you a place to find the cost of extra length, extra baffles, double bottoms, and top chafe as well as D rings, and handles.


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