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Boat Repairs

My boat has a slow leak what is my next step?
First if you find a leak and you want us to fix it on a warranty repair, please use a crayon to mark it. DO NOT USE A PEN, OR A MAGIC MARKER

Second it is important to qualify the leak. What is tolerable to us may not be tolerable to you. How fast does it leak down? To have to pump a boat every day is not tolerable. To pump a boat every 3 days may be tolerable for some.

So here are the potential trouble spots.

We recommend that boats be rolled up on a tarp, Paco Pads, or on a trailer. If not then dirt could get into the valves and hold them open. Also if the valve cap seal is on crooked, this could cause the valve cap to press on the valve stem, causing a leak.

Check the valve with VERY SOAPY WATER by pouring water into the valve hole. Then put the cap on and see if the cap is the problem.

Dirt on the valve can be cleaned off with rubbing alcohol, and a Q-tip. Also rubbing alcohol can soften the valve gasket, but it will not hurt the fabric, or the main body of the valve. You may try leaving rubbing alcohol on the valve over night to see if minor bubbling stops.

Of course it is always possible the valve is damaged.

Leaks around the D-rings
This can happen during the d ring application process. If you find leaks around the D rings, we will take the tubes back, and inject some vinyl into the troubled area; this should cure the problem. Check close to the D ring itself. If they leak it would be in this area.

Leaks around the end caps
This is rare but is happens when the end cap sealing process passes inspection, and then the tube develops a leak due to working (flexing of the end cap).

A pin hole leak in the fabric.
Thorns, goat heads, pieces of wire, and even thumbtacks can pop small holes in the fabric. When the boat is blown up tight, it may be blowing air out so fast that there are no bubbles. A very soapy bare hand is best for finding this kind of hole, because you can feel it. The symptom of a hole like this is deflation within an 8-hour period of less.

Micro bubbling around the floor
This should not be of great concern. Small bubbles can occur because there is a small amount of air leaking along the main seam of the tube under the double bottom. It would be a good idea to compare the amount of bubbling of the good air holding tube to that of the poor air holding tube.

If something obvious is found, and you believe it is a warranty issue, please call us at 1-800-742-1904, and we will arrange for the return and repair of the inflatable in question. It may save time if you wanted to try and fix it yourself. There are many minor repairs that take much less time than it takes to ship a tube. Call us for methods and suggestions on repair practices. If you call your warranty for a repair will not be voided.

How Do I make boat repairs using the glue that you provide?
Please print out this information and keep it with you in your repair kit.


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