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What you need to know about having us build custom dry bags

Jack's Plastic Welding builds a variety of custom bags. The main categories are represented here in this graphic. Most custom dry bags we build are in the flat bottom category. This is because it is very easy for customers to understand the size, and to get the proper fit.

When you look at what customers have done with these bags, you may get some ideas about what our bags may do for you. If you take the time to get informed about different styles, it will help the custom bag development process, and save all of us a lot of time in correspondence.

Flat style bags
These come in many different weights with three different closure styles.

  • Roll down along side to d-rings is a closure using d-rings along the side to make a tight closure.
  • Roll down along side to grommets uses grommets placed in the flat seal on the bottom to attach the web and buckle.
  • Roll down and clip at the top has a male and female buckle end at each side of the top. This provides a handy carry handle, and is the least expensive option. We often hang these bags upside down so water does not collect inside the closure and run down inside of the bag.

Bottom channel closure system
This is another way to roll down bags along the side without using d-rings. The closure is a strap with either cam buckles or side release buckles on both ends of a strap that is enclosed in a heavy fabric "channel".

Raft cargo dry bags
These bags are custom designed to fit your raft, and replace the need for lots of individually bagged items.

Custom Mesh cataraft bags
These bags are designed to tie to the frame members of a cataraft and give easy access to everyday items.

Double ended duffle bags
These bags are used for storage on top of motor homes, and on wild land fire trucks. Our whitewater customers often use then as back rests. The straps are color coded so you can keep different things in different ends.

Pannier bag
This is a custom use of a bag to help haul out the head antlers and cape of a trophy elk. It hands from a saddle horn, and rolls up to a very small size in the pack.

Std Mesh bags
These are used to carry canned drinks, ropes, or wet gear.

Drop bags
These are used to replace a hard aluminum box. They are especially handy when storage needs to be rolled up for an air shuttle transport.

Buckets and velcro in pouches
Buckets come in numerous sizes, with different handle variations. Velcro in pouches are available to separate items. We also make pockets for any of our larger bags. They can be attached inside with weld on Velcro.

Saddle bags
These are a relatively new idea used on motor cycles for extra gear storage.

Mesh tool bags
This bag ties on to a tool belt. The mesh allows moisture to run out of the bag while still holding the tools in place.

Custom size outfitter stow bags
The largest use for these so far is to hold inflatable containments on the back of oilfield service trucks.

Zippered Carry bag
This bag is not water proof. We can use YKK air tight zippers in our construction, and they are good to 20 psi or more.


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