Grand Canyon National park and the government shut down

I just wanted to thank David Uberuaga, GC NPS Superintendent for understanding, and mitigating the losses from the government shut down. Many of us in the river business are absolutely blown away by the policy to make the best of this nasty situation. I know that Grand Canyon Outfitters lost a lot of money at that time, and some of that is the money they would have used to purchase our products. The fact that those losses were mitigated in the best possible way, made it a lot easier for companies like mine to keep and gain their business this year. On top of that I go on private Grand Canyon trips every few years, and I shudder at the prospect of a government shutdown, if I was about to start my trip. The Grand Canyon National Park has put the best possible face on this shut down disaster by making the these offers.

The Big Deal:

It is a big deal that someone in government knows what this kind of thing does to individuals and businesses effected by a needless government shutdown. The Park may have had their hands tied when it came to closing down the park, but when it opened again, they used some innovative thinking to make a bad situation much better, even if they could not make it perfect.
For all of us who worked there and still work and play there, the Grand Canyon is a magic place. People from all over the world go there to see it, and I still think the best way is on the river looking up. To say it is majestic is just putting words on an undefinable emotion I have when I think about the place. I often go there in my mind when things get really hard. I owe my lifestyle to the place. It is still the place where I can be in the moment for the entire time I am there.

I just had a conversation with Monty at Oars, and he told me about customers from New Zealand, and Northern Canada that were already here in the USA when the Government shut down. Those people missed their once in a life time shot, and no amount of mitigation can bring back the experience that was yanked away from them by our careless government bickering. However many people are able to regain the experience that otherwise would have been lost to them thanks to the policy that was implemented after the shutdown.
It is my understanding that Outfitter companies that lost trips and money because of the shutdown were given more days in the 2014 season to mitigate these losses. This means that they will be able to recover some and possibly a majority of the loss that they experienced because of the shutdown.

Private boaters were given a choice of days that they could take in 2014 or 2015.

I may not have this exactly correct, so I invite comments on this, but the bottom line here is that everyone appreciated this attitude, and the idea that our managing agency has put their best foot forward on making the best out of a nasty situation that was none of their doing. This is beyond admirable, it is spectacular, and it is why I am proud to be a citizen of this country.
Thanks to David Uberuaga, and the GC NPS for thinking about how to be the best partners they could possibly be.

Jack Kloepfer
Jack’s Plastic Welding

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