February 12, 2014

Self bailing white water rafts

JPW self bailers in the Middle fork of the Salmon

Greetings blog readers. This is my frist attempt at blogging, and although I have been adding stuff to our web site (and unofficially blogging because of it) this medium is new to me, It is an interesting way to keep in touch with customers and let them know what is new. So Now I can send people to the blog. We ill see how this whole thing works.

I picked one of my favorite pictures from last year, and used that in the post.  You will probably see this again when I have content to add.  This is just a test for now.   Thank you for being patient with the new blogger.

How I think blogs work, and what I am going to try and do:

There is a lot of information that I have generated over the years, and I want to start putting some of that back in the blog format.  I like the search engine functionality of this, and it makes for a friendly way for people to get information from JPW and for me to reply back and still have many people following the thread.

We have been in business for 30 years now,   There is a lot of water under the bridge.  still things keep comming up over and over again.  I cover a lot of those things in our web site in these three areas.

The related information page

River stories page

Photo gallery

So for this reason you may find a lot f the same content that you have searched the web site to find.  What I realize is I have been blogging all along.  But without the use of a search engine, that makes the information harder to find.  This way I can simply send customers to the blog if there are some issues that I know are there.

I want to write about river trips that I have taken over the past few years, and what are the most significant things I have learned about boating, and myself.

I want to bring up things like maintenance issues, repair issues, how to fix your wet paco pad for instance.

We get a lot of customers who want boat repairs, when is it a good idea to not take that free boat from your friend.

Why we feel that our boats work better than the competition.

I want to blog on the environmental, industrial, medical, and space products that we make.

I want to show our customer from what ever persuasion, that we have a lot to offer, and this system will give you a chance to reply.    so there it is in a nut shell.  Lets see where it goes from here.

There may be times when I would like to have a private email conversation, and I hope I can figure out how to do that.  You can always contact me by going to the bottom of our web pages my email adress info will always be there.

One more note.  In the 90′s I was pretty sharp about the internet.  In the 2010′s I am not so sharp, and the mobile devices are harder for me to follow because i always have my computer with me, and can always do work from just about anywhere.  So I have not become mobile phone literate as computer literate.   I appreciate any feed back that I can get on this subject.

Thanks and I will see you all in the blogesphere.




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