Big Environmental issues:

Here is a project that has come back to us for a second round.  Ken Calderia is a climate Scientist, and he studies the effect of atmospheric CO2 on coral reefs.

antacid tank2

This link is to an NPR article (written and audio) about what he is doing on the Great Barrier Reef In Australia, and also about what we made for him that helps him test his theory.    The yellow inflatable you see in this picture is a light weight tank that floats in the water, and it is a place where Antacid is mixed to spread over Coral reefs.  Hear or read the story here at this link.

NPR All Things Considered:  (broadcast 22 April 2013)

floating tank in service

The floating storage tank in service.   Note the red antacid material on the reef behind

tank in the shop

unit in the shop

 Other Coral studies JPW was involved in 2002


USGS Clear Plastic Chamber for Ocean Water Chemistry Studies
Nathan Smiley form the USGS in Florida commissioned us to build something we have never done before. To do this work we had to re think our process so we could weld unsupported vinyl film into a cataraft tube shape. The USGS be suspends this tube inflated with sea water under water for water quality analysis. We also built large clear tarps for the Sharq project. These studies will help find answers to why coral reefs are dieing world wide. This study is critical to our survival since 70% or more of our oxygen comes from healthy oceans. To learn more about the work that they do visit these web sites.

This is a picture of the new ring. Made of 20 oz urethane coated nylon. real tuff and light weight
new test tank ring

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